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Life is short, eat the dessert!

Let's add some fun to your dessert table!


Here is a short run-down of the most pertinent information when it comes to placing your dessert order.  Below the bullet points is a downloadable file for a full menu as well as a helpful flavor list for cupcakes and/or cake pops. As always, if you don't see what you need here, fill out the                                                                   with all of the info you have and I look forward to responding ASAP!

  • There is a minimum order of $200 for "bite size" desserts IF they are not added onto a cake order. You can mix and match the different selections to include however many dozens you'd like of each. The only dessert with a minimum order is French Macarons. You must order at least 2 dozen with any order. Trust me, these usually go quickly so you'll be glad you did!

  • You can add on one (or more) dozen of any "Bite Size" dessert to any order that meets the minimum requirement. For example, if you order a birthday cake and would like to add on one dozen cupcakes, you can do that!

  • Gluten free options are available with some selections! Prices may vary so just ask. 

  • I cater to not only weddings and celebrations but corporate events as well! Have a few hundred clients or guests you need to provide some sweet snacks for? I'm happy to provide personalized logo treats or even large trays of desserts. Pricing will vary based on quantities so find the contact form on the Home Page and send over the details!

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